Mahopac School Counseling

Our mission is to promote access for all students to an academically enriched, student-centered environment.  Counselors will deliver a comprehensive school counseling program to all students to enhance their academic, career, and social-emotional development.  In collaboration with other stakeholders, counselors will support all students in becoming responsible, literate, thinking, caring and contributing citizens. 

We encourage parents to call or e-mail their child's counselor with any questions they may have throughout the year.  For questions regarding grades and your child's academic progress, please contact your child's teacher(s) directly.

Administrator for School Counseling: April Ljumić

Mahopac High School Counseling


East Office

Marianna Callagy
Ext. 11602

Terry Lauchman
Ext. 11604

West Office

Mahopac Middle School Counseling


Grades 6-8

Janice Leo
Ext. 12602

Allison Pugliese
Ext. 12603

Stephanie Powers
Ext. 12604

Anthony Reda
Ext. 12601


Melanie Murray

Ext. 12600

Holly O'Connor

Ext. 12502